Curriculum Vitae
Ulla-Maija Grace
Current positions:
Founder/Owner, Director and principal Aromatica Oy, Aromatica Wellness Ltd, Aromatherapy College of Finland from 1994.Aromatica-Wellness product developer 1994. Aromatica’s training concepts and programme formats developer 1989 England/1994 Finland Principal Tutor, the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) reg. nr P/0048 from 1991

Development progression of Aromatica-Wellness and aromatherapy
IFA Professional Essential Oil Therapy training commence 2013
Lecturing for the Japan Society of Aromatherapists Tokyo 2012
Lady Grace product range for business women and the Wellness book launched 2011
Research programme in Elderly care commences at Kaskenlinna Hospital 2010
UMG-Wellness therapist training commences 2009
Teaching faculty of Yamano Beauty, Japan 2003 Training  and co-operation with the Finnish Spas commence 2001
Aromatica – Wellness treatmens commence (facial, foot care, tension neck etc) 1999
Aromatica -Wellness product development commences 1997
UMG-Diploma in Aromatherapy co-operation with nursing colleges commences 1996
UMG diploma in Aromatherapy commences in Estonia 1996
UMG Aromatherapy Diploma training commences  in Finland 1991

Working experience: Developing and setting up research programme on wellness treatments for geriatric patients  with Kaskenlinna Hospital, Turku, Finland 2010- Training professional Spa, Clinic and Salon staff in Aromatica Wellness, Health and Beauty      treatments 2001

Teaching UMG-Diploma in Aromatherapy at Nursing Colleges 1996-2000
Developing treatments Formats and products  targeting specific health problems;.
Fibromyalgia, Tension Neck, Stress relief programme, Cellulite, Atopic Skin etc. 1994-
Owned and ran a training centre for professional Aromatherapists in England 1992-1994,
The Department of Psychiatry, Princess Alexandra Hospital, West Essex Health   Authority
aromatherapist/ personal counsellor, 1990-1991,
Teaching professional aromatherapy and UMG-diploma in aromatherapy in Finland1989 –
Lecturer on essential oils and aromatherapy  (e.g. fibromyalgia, cellulite, hormonal imbalance
essential oils and medication) Canada, England, Estonia, Finland, Japan, Russia, Sweden,
South Korea 1989 –
Planning and developing the aromatherapy diploma training programme for the Ulla-Maija Grace
College of Aromatherapy/The Finnish College of Aromatherapy, integrating the
English style aromatherapy with the French scientific approach to aromatherapy 1987-.
Full time professional aromatherapist 1985-1994
Local Authorities Finland,  temporary posts in Child and Elderly Health and Social Care,
Finland (relating to studies in Psychology and Educational Sciences)1980-1984
The Inner London Education Authority Adult Education Tutor, Crafts 1971-1978
Owen Investments, London, Book keeper/Assistant Company Secretary 1971-1976
Travelscene Travel Agency, London, Book keeper 1969-1971
Family Taylor, London, Au-pair 1967-1968 Virtanen metal works, Finland, Book keeper 1966-1967

Books and publications:
2010 Wellness Hyvän Olon kirja  (Wellness – book of wellbeing), Finland,
1999 Käytännön Aromaterapiaa Finland, translated and enlarged from the English original
1996 England, Aromatherapy for Practitioners (translated Aromaterapia para Practicantes
2001 in  México),
1994 Eteeristen öljyjen käyttöopas (A guide for the use of essential oils 8th edition 2002) Finland,

Articles in peer reviewed Professional magazines; International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy, International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapy, International Journal of Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy Times, Aromatherapy Quarterly

Training formats taught
Finland         UMG-Diploma in aromatherapy
Spa-Wellness  training for Spas and Clinic
UMG-Wellness therapist Training programme
Training formats for teachers of cosmetology
Elderly care
England       UMG-Diploma in Aromatherapy (own training centre)
Spa-Wellness training
Lady Grace treatment programmes
Japan            Spa-Wellness  training for Spas and Clinics
Elderly care
Estonia         UMG Diploma in Aromatherapy
UMG– Wellness Therapist Training programme
Spa. Wellness treatments


Topics of Lectures:
Finland          Various topics on essential oils, health and wellbeing in seminars, exhibitions,
congresses and events
Ireland          Elderly Care, Botanica 2014, Dublin
France           Research report on Elderly Care, Phyt’Aroma Conress, Grasse
Canada          Fibromyalgia, Canadian Aromatherapy association congress 2000
England        Wellness treatments development in Finnish Spas, Spa Life Congress,.
Japan            Research report in Elderly care in institutionalised care, 1st International Congress,
Japan Society of Aromatherapy,
Sweden,        Women’s hormonal health and wellbeing, Aromatherapy association,
Russia           Basic aromatherapy, Hospital staff in St. Petersburg,
Estonia         The use of essential oils in conjunction with mainstream medication for
Aromatherapists and Phytotherapists, Sternun OÜ
South Korea Herbalism in Finland, Herbalist congress


2014               Pharmacy, the Open University, Turku
2007-2009   Psychiatric Care Professional Advanced Training, Specialising in Geriatric Care
Kaarina   College of Social and Health Care
22.3.2006     Helsinki Allergy and Asthma Association, Safety in Cosmetics seminar
2002-2003   ESR, Naseva Professional Advanced Training for Women Leaders
27.1.1999       Helsinki Allergy and Asthma Association, Safety in Cosmetics seminar
1987-1989     L’Institut des Sciences Biomedicales French scientific Aromatherapy and
Psychological use of essential oils.
1985-1990     The  Dharma Yoga Centre, England  Yoga Teacher
1985-1987     The London School of Aromatherapy England, Holistic and advanced aromatherapy
1980-1984    University of Turku, Finland Psychology and Educational Sciences
1977-1980     The Open University, England Psychology and Educational Sciences
1968               University of Cambridge, Lower Cambridge Certificate in English
1966               Secondary School Education, Finland