Ulla Grace Hyvinvointia on päättämässä toimintansa

An energetic and happy sharp 87-year old senior lady came to us for help with her sore knee, skin prone to dryness due to summer heat, and for stiff muscles. I enquired about the possible causes for these ailments. She said well, she’s normally tried to bike around 1000 kilometers per summer, but this summer because of the heat she hasn’t been able to achieve such amazing results. In her opinion this was the reason for her aches and pains.

I recommended using Ulla Grace Muscle Care Lotion for the problem areas. This lotion has been used for years to relieve joint pain, nerve pain, etc.

Muscle Ease on the other hand takes care of tight and stiff tensed up muscles just like it does sudden cramps in the middle of the night. It also warms up muscle tissue during these brisky autumn mornings that many of us aren’t used to.

Lastly I recommended Atopica mix oil to protect the skin, to nourish it, and to bring relief to the itchiness brought about by dry skin.

For the rest of us, the nice summery days of relaxation and fun has kept us in a good mood, but our muscles haven’t necessarily been given the attention they’ve needed. And even though we can still enjoy the beautiful autumn with its warm sunshine, the slowly darkening evenings are calling many of us to head to the gym, out for a jog, out to dance, or perhaps lifting weights.


What often happens is that we get eager to get results quick and do too much too soon, work our muscles too hard and as a result exercise becomes a pain (literally) instead of being a source of joy and healing. The products mentioned above are perfect for treating such over enthusiasm.

Ulla-Maija Grace