Ulla Grace Hyvinvointia on päättämässä toimintansa

Our Philosophy

The earth and its nature, the plants the animals, the waters and the air, are the source and necessity for all life on the earth

As the modern civilisation advances man is growing further and further away from the natural environment that upholds our health. Flowers that we buy to cheer us up are bought from the shops packed in plastic, our potatoes, rice and carrots in plastic bags and a ready cooked meal in a box to be put in the microwave oven. Where is the nourishment in these?

We are all part of the nature, dependent on it for our health and wellbeing. Our bodies have evolved hand in hand with the earth and we still thrive on the substances that the pure nature provides. The body recognises and can use and benefit from the substances that have evolved with it whereas processed foods and synthetic additions to self care products leave heavy residues to burden the body.

Wellbeing with soft values is in harmony with nature.

We strongly believe that nature is our best healer, which has been stated already in ancient scriptures.   Ulla Grace bases all her work and products on sustainable, ecological raw materials and practices where ever it is possible.

Our deepest wish is to help to bring back the respect of nature to our daily lives through the choices that we make from food to the clothes we wear to ensure that our children can have good natural living and health.